Programmable SMS API

Targeted and bulk SMS with enhanced delivery, deep insights, and regulatory compliance built-in.

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Send and receive text messages

Reach your customers with automated SMS texting using your trusted business numbers.

Engage your customers in meaningful ways through SMS using chatbots, surveys, appointment reminders, notifications, promotional messages, and more.  Extend how you communicate with your customers with voice and video capabilities already built-in, and the ability to send up to 10,000 unique messages with a single API request.

Send messages in multiple languages and formats

Breakdown barriers with unicode support and multimedia messages

Send and receive text messages in multiple character sets, and even using multiple languages per text.  Engage readers with images, barcodes, QR codes, videos, v-cards, audio, and more with support for 13 outbound and 19 inbound multimedia formats.

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Focus on your messages, not architecture

Built in queueing, opt-in, and regulatory compliance management

The RingCentral API platform manages  the distribution of the high volume messages to help keep your account in good standing with carriers.  We also handle opt-in/opt-out, provide APIs to help you set up business rules for data retention and regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI, and more), and provide access and analytics for your messages through a secure and encrypted interface.

Send your first SMS message in 15 minutes or less

Adding SMS to your application couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and more.
            function send_sms(){'/account/~/extension/~/sms', {
    from: {'phoneNumber': RINGCENTRAL_USERNAME},
    to: [{'phoneNumber': RECIPIENT}],
    text: 'Hello World from JavaScript'

Simple, transparent API pricing

Rates include per-message carrier surcharges to provide transparent, predictable pricing without surprise fees.
0.85¢/ msg
Long-code SMS (US)
Send and receive messages using long-code numbers to send domestic messages on our Enhanced Business SMS solution or High Volume SMS
0.85¢/ msg
Toll-free SMS (US)
Send and receive messages using toll-free numbers to send domestic messages on our Enhanced Business SMS solution or High Volume SMS
1.3¢/ msg
Long-code MMS (US)
Send and receive images, audio, video, and more from your Enhanced Business SMS long-code numbers.

SMS API frequently asked questions

To help you get started sending and receiving text messages, here are some of the most common questions we get. Of course, you can always ask our community or contact our developer support.

What is Enhanced Business SMS?

What’s are the limitations of Enhanced Business SMS?

Does RingCentral support MMS/ international MMS?

What is the maximum number of SMS messages I can send per minute?

When should I use Toll-free or High Volume SMS?

What is the difference between long code and toll-free numbers?

What about TCR/ campaign registration?

What about carrier surcharges or hidden fees?

Where can I find the SMS Campaigns app?

24hourtees resized
We can take their cellphone number that came in… query it against any of the orders in our system... and if there’s an active order we can automatically reply… RingCentral lets our small business act like a big business.
Chais Meyer, Co-Founder
craftlogic resized
Now when a job candidate receives an SMS message, it comes from the phone number of the recruiter handling that account. People can use that number to call you or text you back.
Kevin Ferguson, President, CEO and Founder
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I think I ran into a couple of problems, but I contacted tech support, and they were resolved right away. I wish a lot more companies had that level of help.
Bob Thompson, Director of IT
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