Revolutionize communications
with our programmable Fax API

Automate sending and receiving documents
without a fax machine or paper via our Fax API

The RingCentral Fax API allows you to integrate fax capabilities into
your custom applications. Send faxes, queue faxes, send and receive
in multiple formats, concatenate multiple documents into a single
document, automatically resend failed faxes, forward faxes, customize
cover sheets, and more.

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Our Fax API for developers includes these great features
Go beyond traditional paper faxing with the RingCentral Fax API for business.
Multiple file formats

Multiple file formats

Supports 29 different file
formats including PDF, TIFF,
RTF, HTML and more.


Send faxes as fast as you want.
Fax messages are automatically
queued and sent at a rate that
keeps you compliant.
Retry and forwarding

Retry and forwarding

Forward and resend faxes
efficiently by avoiding
re-rendering, with automatic
built-in retries.
Two-way fax API

Two-way fax API

Programmatically send
and receive faxes.
Automatic retries

Automatic retries

Automatically retry busy phone
numbers to successfully deliver
your faxes.
Built in cover page flexibility

Built in cover page flexibility

Customize your cover pages and
templates or use your own.
Concatenate multiple files

Concatenate multiple files

Automatically concatenate
multiple files of different formats
in a single API request.
Notifications and webhooks

Notifications and webhooks

Get client-side and server-side
notifications, including
webhooks, for new and updated
fax messages.
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Fax API code samples

Adding fax to your application couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for C#, PHP, JavaScript, and Python.

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • C#
            var FormData = require('form-data');
formData = new FormData();
formData.append('json', new Buffer(JSON.stringify({
    to: [ {'phoneNumber': recipient} ],
    faxResolution: 'High',
    coverPageText: "This is a demo Fax page"
})), {
    filename: 'request.json',
    contentType: 'application/json'
formData.append('attachment', require('fs').createReadStream('fax.jpg'));'/account/~/extension/~/fax', formData)
      .then(function (resp) {
         console.log("FAX sent. Message status: " + resp.json().messageStatus)


Simple API pricing, starting at free!

The RingCentral API is included with select RingCentral MVP™ plans. Additional toll-free and
international voice and fax minutes are available as add-ons with a minimal per minute fee.

Local Number

Unlimited faxing within
the US and Canada


Toll-free Faxing

Use your toll-free business number

$0.039/ min

after included per minute

International Faxing

Send faxes to over
190 countries


* Call usage restrictions may apply. See Terms and Conditions.

Fax API frequently asked questions

To help you manage your business faxing, here are some of the most common questions
we get. Of course, you can always ask our community or contact our developer support
for any questions you might have.

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What types of analytics are available?

We have offices all over the world, will this work for us?