ISV Partner Program

Annual business revenue:
Marketing Authorized (default) Sponsored Premier Elite
App Gallery Basic listing Prioritized listing,
lead capture
Prioritized listing,
lead capture,
professional review
Prioritized listing,
lead capture,
copy writing,
professional design
Dedicated landing page on No No No Yes
Social media promotion (per year) None 6 tweets 24 tweets 48 tweets
Blogs posted (per year)1 None Add-on 1 blog 2 blogs
Customer webinars (per year)2 None Add-on Add-on 2 webinars
Datasheets created (per year) None None Add-on 1 datasheet
White papers created (per year) None None Add-on Add-on
Videos created (per year) None None Add-on Add-on
Email promotion (per year)3 No No Add-on Customer newsletter plus 1x all RingCentral admins or 1x segmented list
Sales enablement Authorized (default) Sponsored Premier Elite
Sales note No Yes Yes Yes
Pitch Deck No Add-on Yes Yes
SE Roundtable No No No Yes
Virtual training No No No Add-on
Participate in annual Sales Kickoff No No Prioritized Prioritized
Event access Authorized (default) Sponsored Premier Elite
Sponsorship prioritization at RingCentral events No No Yes Yes
Speak at RingCentral Developer meetups (1 per year) No No Prioritized Yes
Speak at RingCentral Developer conference No No Prioritized Yes
Credit on RingCentral event sponsorship fees paid towards next year's annual fee4 No No 25% 30%
Developer Access Authorized (default) Sponsored Premier Elite
Public APIs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Early Access Yes Yes Prioritized Prioritized
Partner only previews5 No No Prioritized Prioritized
Partner only APIs5 No No Prioritized Prioritized
Basic developer support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated support engineer No No Add-on Add-on
Program requirements Authorized (default) Sponsored Premier Elite
App in production Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uptime requirement 95% 95% 98% 99%
App maintenance including API updates and latest brand requirements No No Yes Yes
App Gallery rating (1 yr to achieve) No No 10+ reviews,
3+ star average
20+ reviews,
4+ star average
Customer support response SLA No No 40 business hours or 5 business days 24 business hours or 3 business days
Fees Authorized (default) Sponsored Premier Elite
Annual fee

For more information contact your ISV Partner Marketing representative using our
ISV Partner Portal or request a meeting to learn more about our ISV Partner Program.
  1. Content to be provided by partner. Thought-leadership encouraged, publishing at discretion of RingCentral
  2. Content to be provided by partner. Thought-leadership encouraged, publishing at discretion of RingCentral. Attendee list not provided.
  3. Determination of lists to send emails to at discretion of RingCentral. Emails will be sent from RingCentral with RingCentral created content promoting integration. Customer information is not shared with partner.
  4. Event spend credit limited to a maximum of 50% of the next year's annual fee and cannot be used with any other discounts or special offers outside of those specified within the partner contract.
  5. Access to partner only previews and partner APIs at the discretion of RingCentral.

Access to and sponsorship of events cannot be guaranteed unless specified otherwise. Prioritized attendance, speaking slots, and sponsorships will be provided based on partner tier and spend on a first come first serve basis.