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What is Engage Digital Messaging SDK?

Engage Digital Messaging SDK is our in-app mobile messaging solution.

Engage Digital Messaging is as a library (SDK) into native mobile application to provide for rich in-app communication between a company and its customer though its mobile application.

To enable a seamless customer experience and a streamlined customer service workflow, Engage Digital Messaging SDK is connected to our multichannel contact center solution Engage Digital.


How can I integrate Engage Digital Messaging SDK in my mobile application ?

We provide Engage Digital Messaging as an external library (SDK) to embed into your native mobile application. iOS SDK and Android SDK are available on GitHub as CocoaPods or static library on iOS and a Gradle dependency on Android.

We integrate with the native mobile notification channel for asynchronous conversation and let you customize the visuals, how the user is authenticated and how to trigger a conversation.

As a integrator you just have to load the Engage Digital Messaging SDK in your app with an API token, plug it to app notification and decide where/how the user will be able to open it and under which identity

Your first MobileMessaging-enabled app is just one API key away

As a developer you can start evaluating Engage Digital Messaging SDK immediately, all the documentation is available online an API key is just needed to test the interaction with the server.

For iOS integration go check the iOS getting started instructions. For advanced usage and customization have a look at the Engage Digital Messaging iOS API reference and iOS sample app source code.

For Android integration go check the Engage Digital Messaging Android SDK. A sample Android integration is available at Android sample app source code and for more information please check Engage Digital Messaging Android API reference.

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Engage Digital SDK code samples

Digital customer service couldn’t be easier with our SDKs for Python, Java, Ruby, and more.
public void onMessageReceived(RemoteMessage remoteMessage) {
  // You have to configure the Dimelo instance before calling the Dimelo.consumeReceivedRemoteNotification() method.
  if (Dimelo.consumeReceivedRemoteNotification(MyFirebaseMessagingService.this, remoteMessage.getData(), null)){
    // The notification will be handled by the Dimelo instance
  else {
    // It is not a Dimelo notification.
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